Dr. Christian Lutz is managing director of GWS since 2000 and leads the division energy and climate. He studied empirical economics at the University of Tuebingen (master in economics 1993) and worked on environmental extensions of macroeconometric models at the University of Osnabrueck (PhD 1997). He has various research and consulting experiences for public and private institutions. His research interests include model building and application, sustainable development, energy and environmental policy, labour markets and international trade.

Research Interests

Global and national macroeconomtric modelling

Environmental and energy economics

International trade

Projects of Christian Lutz

Labor market effects of a climate-neutral development path by 2030
Modelling employment effects of climate-fiscal policies, developing a dynamic MRIO price model
Economic Indicators of the energy system
Integrated sustainability assessment and optimization of energy systems
Business start-up activities in the energy sector
Detailed economic analysis of individual policy instruments and measures for climate change adaptation
Socially compatible design of climate mitigation and energy transition in low-income households
Sustainable Economic Development
Sektorale ökonomische Modellierung zur Integration in eine regionale Erdsystem-Modellierung – CSC Sektorale Modellierung
Impact Assessment of the climate protection plan in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Energiewende and international aspects – opportunities and challenges for German politics and industry
Consumption-based approaches to climate mitigation: data collection, measurement methods and model analysis
Beschäftigungschancen auf dem Weg zu einer Green Economy – szenarienbasierte Analyse von (Netto-)Beschäftigungswirkungen
Ökonomie der Anpassung an den Klimawandel
Employment from renewable energy in Germany: expansion and operation – now and in the future
Technological, ecological, economic and strategic aspects of the national climate change initiative (NKI)
Short and long term labour market effects of an increase of renewable energy
Kosten und Nutzen Erneuerbarer Energien
Differenzierte regionale und überregionale Analysen der nachhaltigen Raum- und Siedlungsentwicklung

Publications of Christian Lutz