The Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung (GWS) mbH is a private-sector research and consulting company based in Osnabrück that works in the field of applied empirical economic research. GWS develops computer-based economic models on a national and international scale and applies them to support political and economic decision-making. Increasingly, the models are used directly by our clients. We are regularly looking for new "brains" to strengthen our team.

We offer well-educated and qualified university graduates the opportunity to work in our main areas of activity. You can check here to what extent an application is currently possible.

In addition, we offer interested students an insight into the everyday work of an economic research institute. For this purpose, we offer both the option of an internship lasting several months in individual areas of applied empirical economic research as well as supporting work as a student assistant in the various research fields.



Please check here, if GWS mbH in Osnabrück is currently looking for employees.



GWS mbH in Osnabrück is constantly looking for students of economics, social and environmental sciences to support various research projects of GWS mbH.

Intership GWS mbH


GWS mbH in Osnabrück is always looking for interns to work on various GWS mbH projects.

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