Qualitative Methods

In order to gain background knowledge, it is advisable to use qualitative methods for many studies. Qualitative methods are particularly helpful when it comes to identifying cause-effect relationships, motives and assessments. They provide important clues for the interpretation of quantitative data.

We carry out various qualitative formats:

  • Individual interviews with experts bring thematic or methodological special knowledge closer. They help to develop background knowledge - e.g. with regard to measurement concepts, best practice examples or for the interpretation of data.
  • Group discussions are suitable for a thematic deepening of research questions. Interim results, open questions or the selection and definition of indicators can be the subject of this format in order to record evaluations. We steer and moderate a discussion with selected experts.
  • Case studies focus on the development of a selected area, such as an industrial area. Interviews and group discussions with local entrepreneurs or employees provide insights into local development.

In all formats, in addition to conducting the interviews, we have skills in preparation and follow-up. We develop guidelines for the interviews and evaluate the interviews with the help of IT.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Ms. Sonnenburg.