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Economic and Social Affairs

Economic and Social Affairs

Our services cover the analysis and projections of macroeconomic data for decision-makers of public and private organisations. The projects of the division comprise the following Research Areas: Business Cycle, Economic Acitivities and International Trade, Labour Market, Health and Long-term Care and Demographic and Socioeconomic Development.

Our work is based on the macroeconomic modelling of empirical data from official statistics on a national as well as a regional level.

Energy and Climate

Energy and Climate

We work on a broad range of energy, climate and environmental economy and policy issues.

The spectrum of our activities encompasses applied basic research, development of scenarios and forecasts, analysis of policy measures and political and business consultancy.

Global Developments and Resources

Global Developments and Resources

At the heart of the department’s analytical work is the multi-regional input-output simulation model GINFORS model. The model permits wide-ranging ex ante as well as ex post simulation studies, particularly on globally-relevant topics in areas such as global developments and resource use. In the satellite accounts field, we also set up additional econometric data systems for specific interdisciplinary social fields, such as sport.

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Water extraction almost halved since 1991

Since 1991, water extraction has been almost halved through the use of water-saving technologies and processes and amounts to approximately 28 billion cubic meters per year. The energy sector, the manufacturing industry and private households ...

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