Research Areas

Based on GWS's own economic models, we prepare empirically guided analyses and projections for public as well as private organizations and companies.

The range of services offered by the Energy and Climate division covers the following topics:

Energy Transition and Climate Mitigation

Climate mitigation is a key challenge. Since the energy sector is responsible for the largest share of GHG emissions, its transformation is crucial in the energy transition. Energy efficiency and the…


Sustainability and the Environment

Energy and climate issues are closely linked to sustainable development as described by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the German government's national sustainability goals.…


Climate Change and Adaptation

The central theme of this research area is climate change and its impact on the social and economic dimensions of the economy. In this context, not only the costs and losses for different branches of the…



Although climate change is a global phenomenon, its effects are primarily local and require action by individual actors such as municipalities. Adaptation measures therefore always have a regional…


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