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At the heart of the division's analytical work is the multi-regional input-output simulation model GINFORS. The model permits wide-ranging ex ante as well as ex post simulation studies, particularly on globally-relevant topics in areas such as global developments and resource use. In the satellite accounts field, we also set up additional economic data systems for specific interdisciplinary social fields, such as sport.

Assessing the medium to long-term effects of policy outcomes requires consistent global scenario projections. In the environmental policy field these scenarios frequently ask for answers to questions like:

  • What will be the main drivers of the global economy through to 2050?

  • How will these affect global natural resource use and pollutant emissions?

  • Might resource use be restricted by planetary boundaries? What consequences would this have?

  • What are the likely effects on the economy, the social system and the environment under alternative scenario assumptions?

  • What are the options for ensuring we are suitably prepared for these developments?

The analytical work undertaken by GWS’ Global Developments and Resources division focuses on just such questions. The division examines environmental policy in the European Union and Germany in an international context against the backdrop of global developments.

Analysis is carried out using global environmental economics model GINFORS, which allows highly detailed analysis by country, industrial sector, goods category, energy source, pollutants and resources. The comprehensive modelling approach maps global interrelationships between consumers, producers and investors. It accounts for imperfect markets and limited rationality of agents and indicates the complex international feedbacks from structural changes in individual countries or changes in international trade patterns.

In addition to this global orientation and holistic analytical spectrum, we possess extensive experience in producing satellite accounts. These complement reference data from the National Accounts for economic and social cross section activities such as sport and tourism, and provide policy-makers with important additional information.


Global Developments and Resources Team

Our team possesses many years of experience in the construction and use of empirical macroeconometric economic and environmental models.

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Global Developments and Resources Research Areas

The division provides services in the area of global developments, resources and satellite accounts.


Global Developments and Resources Research Models

At the heart of the division’s analytical work is the multi-regional input-output simulation model GINFORS.

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