The Methods and Their Functions

GWS applies a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, which are used either individually or in combination, depending on specific needs. One focus is on quantitative analysis, where we favour a macro-econometric, input-output-based modelling approach. Following a bottom-up approach, the macroeconomic development results from what happens in single economic sectors of the economy. To gain background knowledge, additional qualitative methods are used in many studies.

Our longstanding experiences in model-based analysis and policy advice are passed on to our knowledge to clients. One focus of our "capacity building" lies in the knowledge transfer of the development and application of Excel-based models.

Qualitative Methods

In order to gain background knowledge, it is advisable to use qualitative methods for many studies. Qualitative methods are particularly helpful when it comes to identifying cause-effect relationships,…

"Capacity building" in Excel-based model development for impact analysis of policy scenarios

GWS's longstanding experience in model-based analysis and policy advice on economic and social as well as energy and climate policy aspects is customized for and communicated to our clients. Our "capacity…

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