Arbeitsmarkteffekte eines klimaneutralen Entwicklungspfades bis 2030

Labor market effects of a climate-neutral development path by 2030

The aim of the project is to estimate how the implementation of the measures required to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050 will affect employment. The employment effects are calculated up…

Laufzeit: 2021–2021
Weiterentwicklung des BMAS-Fachkräftemonitorings

Further development of the BMAS-Expert Monitoring

In the area of securing skilled labor, forecasts on future developments in the labor market and Germany's economic structure are of particular importance.

The BMAS Expert Monitoring was set up for…

Laufzeit: 2021–2024

Policy Dialogue and Knowledge Management on Low Emissions (DIAPOL-CE) – Climate-economy modelling in Algeria and Uganda

Uganda and Algeria have committed to take climate action by ratifying the Paris Agreement, thereby contributing to the goal to limit global average temperature increase well below 2°C.


Laufzeit: 2021–2022

Digital Transition System – Observation of the Technical Transition within the Research Project "Polarization II".

In this project, an evaluation grid is analyzed with indicators that can favor or inhibit technological change. The position in the value chain, the divisibility or duplicability of the service,…

Laufzeit: 2020–2022

Study on commuter traffic in the city of Osnabrück

What is the current commuting situation in the city of Osnabrück and how has it developed in recent years? Empirical evaluations of commuter traffic are carried out with regard to both the current…

Laufzeit: 2020–2022

Regional economic impact of the construction of a data center and a digital park in the Rhenish mining area

In this study, the direct, indirect and income-induced effects on employment and gross value added from the construction of a data center and a digital park in the Rhineland region were examined.…

Laufzeit: 2020–2020
Gesellschaftlich notwendige Dienstleistungen sicherstellen: Ist Arbeit am Gemeinwohl attraktiv?

To provide socially necessary services: Is working for the common good attractive?

GenDis investigates the social situation, occupational mobility and occupational motivation of service workers producing public goods. Particular attention is paid to occupations in which…

Laufzeit: 2019–2023
Die Auswirkungen von klimapolitischen Maßnahmen auf den österreichischen Arbeitsmarkt

The impact of climate policy measures on the Austrian labour market

What are the consequences for the labour market if measures are taken to prevent from climate change and/or to adapt to climate change?" This is the central question to be answered within a…

Laufzeit: 2019–2020
Studie zum Gewerbeflächenbedarf in der Region Emscher-Lippe

Study on the need for commercial space in the Emscher-Lippe region

For the Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westphalia and the Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades Münster, GWS investigates the quantitative and qualitative demand for commercial space in the…

Laufzeit: 2019–2020
Politikberatung für eine klimaresiliente Wirtschaftsentwicklung

Policy advice for climate-resilient economic development

Climate change has a substantial impact on economic growth and a country’s development. This increases the need for reliable and viable approaches to assessing the impact of climate risks and…

Laufzeit: 2019–2022

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