Regional Issues

The clear significance of several aspects of the transformation currently taking place in German society, becomes especially apparent in a regional context. Consequently, regional analysis, whether describing inter-regional factors or looking at individual regions, is an important area for multi-disciplinary research on a range of issues with regional significance. Our regional expertise stretches from analysis of labour markets and urban growth to the effects of Energy and Climate Protection Policy (cf. GWS Energy and Climate division).

With the RegioBoard, we also offer an interactive and web-based dashboard for regional monitoring. It contains the most important figures, data and facts on the topics of employment and the labor market, demographics and education, as well as industry structure and industry developments. By comparing one's own business location with neighboring municipalities, districts or selected, similarly structured economic areas, it allows one to classify the current situation in order to make well-founded decisions for sustainable further development. You can find freely viewable online dashboards of our customers, e.g. for the district of Gütersloh or the city of Bielefeld. Further information can be found here.