Development of a Russian economy-environment-emission-model ( for simulation and projection

On behalf of European Commission (Europe Aid/129527/C/SER/RU “Support to the development of new generation models to estimate and forecast GHG emissions and efficiency of Russian climate change mitigation measures and policy”) and in cooperation with ICF and Plejades, GWS mbH developed a Russian macroeconomic model. The model “” shows the development of the Russian economy, environmental aspects (energy supply and demand, land-use especially forest model) and the development of greenhouse gas emissions until 2050.

The newly developed model for Russia is based on the GWS national macroeconomic model philosophy INFORGE with a focus on the "three e's" economy, environment and emissions. The model "" is used for estimation and forecasting GHG emissions of Russian Climate Change mitigation measures and policies with different aspects (energy efficiency, development of renewable energy, CO2 tax).

GWS provides an user-friendly and customized graphical interface in English and also in Russian language including the model documentation (incl. handbook how to calculate and analyze climate policies independently) as well as an information system containing variables, equations and regression coefficients.