Sectoral economic modelling for integration into regional Earth system modelling – CSC Sectoral Modelling

Advising decision-makers on climate change requires information at the regional and local level due to the different ways in which regions in Germany are affected. The aim of the project was to analyse a possible integration of regional earth system models and socio-economic models with a focus on Germany and its regions. Within this framework, GWS analysed the impact of climate change and climate adaptation at the national level (for the pilot areas of energy, health and tourism) as well as at the regional level.

Máñez Costa, M., Lutz, C., Bieritz, L., Nieters, A., Stöver, B., Rechid, D., Jahn, M., Rische, M.-C., Schulze, S., Yadegar, E., Hirschfeld, J., Schröder, A., Hirte, G., Langer, S. & Tscharaktschiew, S. (2016): Synthesis of existing regional and sectoral economic modelling and its possible integration with regional earth system models in the context of climate modelling. Report 27, Climate Service Center, Hamburg.
Stöver, B. (2015): Gesundheit – Effekte des Klimawandels. GWS Discussion Paper 15/6, Osnabrück.