Potentials and risks of green future markets

Based on the GreenTech 3.0 atlas, developed by Roland Berger, and additional analysis in the project environmental and economic impacts of different technologies and market potentials have been assessed in this project for the German Federal Environmental Agency. A case study looks into impacts of different car technologies such as plug-in and hybrid. Different scenarios have been developed with the PANTA RHEI model. The study concludes with several recommendations for fostering green markets in the future.

Wiebe, K. S., Nieters, A., Lutz, C., Kahlenborn, W., Penderock, C., Semmling, E., Büchele, R. & Wiedemann, A. (2014): Chancen und Potenziale Grüner Zukunftsmärkte. UFOPLAN-Vorhaben, im Auftrag des Umweltbundesamtes, Berlin.