Renewable energy and energy efficiency in Tunisia – employment, qualification and economic effects - Update

Tunisia as the most successful country in implementing the ideas of the Arab Spring has to face a number of challenges. On the one hand considerable unemployment, especially among youth and well-trained teen has to be handled, on the other hand energy supply has to be able to meet growing demands reliably and at reasonable prices. The Tunisian Solar Plan set in 2008 the framework for an expansion of renewable energy and the strengthening of energy efficiency. The GWS has carried out an evaluation of the employment effects of the Solar Plan in co-operation with Tunisian consultancy Alcor. Instruments and measures have evolved since then, so now with a new investigation an update will be presented.

Lehr, U., Mönnig, A., Missaoui, R., Marrouki, S. & Ben Salem, G. (2016): Employment from renewable energy and energy efficiency in Tunisia - new insights, new results. , Energy Procedia 93, 223-228.