Local economic development through renewable energy projects in Algeria

The economic opportunities associated with the development of renewable energy are a strong argument to motivate and support RE deployment. GWS has contributed decisively to method development…

Laufzeit: 2018–2018
Untersuchung der Rolle der Energie- und Ressourcenproduktivität für ökonomisches Wachstum und Entwicklung von politischen Instrumenten zur Eindämmung makroökonomischer Rebound-Effekte

Reconsidering the Role of Energy and Resource Productivity for Economic Growth, and Developing Policy Options for Capping Macro-Level Rebound Effects

The BMBF funded 3-year project focuses on the phenomenon that, despite the fact that significant progress in efficiency was achieved in the past 40 years, the overall consumption of energy and…

Laufzeit: 2018–2020
„BEniVer“: Begleitforschung für die Förderinitiative „Energiewende im Verkehr“

"BEniVer": Accompanying research for the funding initiative "Energy Transition in Transport": developing options for research, development, production, and market launch of alternative fuels

The accompanying scientific research project "BEniVer" comprehensively analyses the development of alternative fuels. The aim is to network the 15 technical research projects of the funding…

Laufzeit: 2018–2022
Analyse der deutschen Exporte und Importe von Technologiegütern zur Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien und anderer Energietechnologiegüter

Analysis of German exports and imports of technology goods for the use of renewable energy and other energy technology goods

The economic side of the energy system transformation in Germanyis often discussed in a shortened form along the lines of cost burdens and additional expenses. The transformation of the energy…

Laufzeit: 2018–2021

Energy-economy modelling with renewable energy scenarios

The main goal is the development of an energy-economy model e3.dz for Algeria and to enable Algerian partners to use the model for the projection and analysis of economic effects from the…

Laufzeit: 2018–2019

The labour impacts of decarbonization strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean

The project aims at developing a multiregional input-output projection model to quantify the effects on employment and GHG emissions of decarbonization strategies in Latin American countries and…

Laufzeit: 2018–2019

Improve the timeliness of environmental data and indicators, and their use for policy advice

One of the main tasks of the Federal Environment Agency is to provide data on the environment. They provide information on environmental pollution and environmental status in Germany and are an…

Laufzeit: 2017–2018
Modellgestützte Analyse der regionalen Wertschöpfungseffekte in ländlichen Entwicklungsprogrammen

SYMOBIO: Systemic Monitoring and modelling of the bioeconomy

The project explores and develops scientific basis for a systemic monitoring and modelling of the bioeconomy (BE) in Germany. The three year project, led by University of Kassel, is sponsored by…

Laufzeit: 2017–2020

Socio-economic scenarios as basis for vulnerability analysis for Germany

Vulnerability to the effects of climate change has been assessed in a cross-sectoral assessment for the first time for Germany in 2015. Regions and systems have been identified that are…

Laufzeit: 2017–2018

DownScaling CLImate imPACTs and decarbonisation pathways in EU islands and enhancing socioeconomic and non-market evaluation of Climate Change for Europe, for 2050 and beyond

The project SOCLIMPACT aims at defining climate change impact-chains and low carbon transition pathways in European islands for 2050 and beyond, and analyzing their corresponding macro-economic…

Laufzeit: 2017–2020

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