Clean Sky 2

On behalf of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), GWS analysed the multi-national World Input Output Database (WIOD, Release 2016). The study focused on the economic significance of aviation sectors in 43 national economies: Direct, indirect and induced value added and employment effects were derived from an integrated analysis of national WIOD Tables and national WIOD Socio Economic Accounts statistics. Resulting findings were handed over to DLR as socio-economic benchmarks for the evaluation of macroeconomic effects of the European research cooperation "Clean Sky 2".
All calculations rested on an original GWS-algorithm for sectoral analyses of WIOD datasets. These calculation routines have been coded in R and can be adapted individually. Therefore, this algorithm can also be applied to WIOD-based analyses of alternative economic sectors on more geographically aggregated economic regions or extended reporting periods without extensive further programming in the future.