Our figure of the month for New Year's Eve 2020: Boom year for online retailing


The Corona pandemic has boosted internet trade: By more than 30% compared to the same months last year, internet trade increased from April to June this year. With the easing of contact restrictions in the summer months, the process is losing momentum, but continues to grow at double-digit rates. The gap between online and overall retail widens further at the end of the year. Weekly figures from the Federal Statistical Office's Experimental Data on Online Transactions show increasingly rising transactions of around 20% from October to mid-December 2020. In the 2nd week of December, there were even almost 30% more online purchases than in the previous year. The orders are accompanied by a flood of parcels – DHL expects an increase of 15% for the year 2020. An end to this boom in 2021 is not in sight.

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