Auswirkungen des demografischen Wandels auf die Branchen in Deutschland und potenzielle Rückwirkungen auf Hamburg

The aim of this study is to analyse the impact of demographic change on Germany and the consequences for the Federal Land Hamburg. Opportunities and challenges are identified showing the fields…

Laufzeit: 2013–2014

Verbundprojekt, Dritter Bericht zur sozioökonomischen Entwicklung in Deutschland

The reporting on socioeconomic development in Germany (soeb) aims to get a better understanding of the German transformation process. It seeks to answer what kind of new chances to participate…

Laufzeit: 2013–2016

Research project "Development of a model for medical care forecasting: modelling and simulation"

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) commissioned the research project that aims at answering the question whether there are enough physicians in the next 15…

Laufzeit: 2013

Forecasting the Egyptian Labour Market

Under the roof of the TVET Reform Program of the European Commission and the Egyptian government, the GWS developed in collaboration with the IDSC (Information and Decision Support Center of the…

Laufzeit: 2012–2012

Quarterly update of sectoral analysis and forecasting

The German Savings Bank Association and publishing house receive a quarterly update of the sectoral forecast. The forecast is update in the context of current economic developments.

Laufzeit: 2012

Extension of the model calculations on the future labour demand by occupation and qualification until 2030

Entwicklung eines endogenisierten Ausgleichsmechanismus zwischen erlerntem und ausgeübtem Beruf im Rahmen des QuBe-Projektes.

Laufzeit: 2012–2014

Update and advancement of the BIBB-DEMOS model

A new baseline scenario was generated with the updated BIBB-DEMOS model. Preperations were made to allow for the integration of the population projection of the FIT model. Further, scenarios and…

Laufzeit: 2012–2014

Projection of labour supply until 2025

Updated by new data from the micro census, the BIBB-DEMOS model adjusted to produce a new and updated baseline scenario. Further, interfaces were adjusted to allow for new interventions. Also, the…

Laufzeit: 2011–2011

Development of a Russian economy-environment-emission-model ( for simulation and projection

On behalf of European Commission (Europe Aid/129527/C/SER/RU “Support to the development of new generation models to estimate and forecast GHG emissions and efficiency of Russian climate change…

Laufzeit: 2011–2011

Alternative scenarios for the development of labour demand and ist qualification until 2025

Based on the existing macroeconomic model BIBB-DEMOS that is designed to project the future labour force disaggregated by age, sex, qualifications and occupation, three alternative scenarios for…

Laufzeit: 2011–2012

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