Verbundprojekt, Dritter Bericht zur sozioökonomischen Entwicklung in Deutschland

The reporting on socioeconomic development in Germany (soeb) aims to get a better understanding of the German transformation process. It seeks to answer what kind of new chances to participate originates from the increased diversity of work and life and how this affects inequality and exclusion. Since autumn 2013, a newly composed research network has been working on the Third Report on Socioeconomic Development in Germany (soeb 3). The report is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. GWS is responsible for Division 1 “Erosion of the German "participatory capitalism" - how sustainable is the German development model?” Using the empirically based macro-econometric model INFORGE projection of the demographically and socioeconomically determined supply and demand relations in the labour market, of the ecologic sustainability indicators and of the regional disparities until 2030 are given. For Division 5 “Consumption patterns between differentiation and inequality“, GWS provides the socio-economic consumption module DEMOS.

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