Energiewirtschaftliche Projektionen und Folgenabschätzungen 2030

Energy Projections and Impact Assessment 2030

Within the EU framework of national energy and climate plans (NECP), there is a current need for projections and impact assessments for the further development of the energy system until 2030 and…

Laufzeit: 2017–2021

Business start-up activities in the energy sector

Business start-up activities should be a catalyst for innovation and employment within the energy transition. The GWS together with the Renewable Energy Agency on behalf of the Hessen Agentur…

Laufzeit: 2016–2016

Detailed economic analysis of individual policy instruments and measures for climate change adaptation

Within the project, the following research questions are answered:

To what extent can adaptation measures and instruments reduce the expected damage costs caused by climate change and what are…

Laufzeit: 2016–2019

Development of analytical tools based on Input-Output table

The aim of the project is the development of an analytical tool to assess the gains and losses of possible state programs supporting the development of the private sector of the Tajik economy.


Laufzeit: 2016–2017
„BEniVer“: Begleitforschung für die Förderinitiative „Energiewende im Verkehr“

Comparative analysis of the competitive position of the EU automotive industry and the impact of the introduction of autonomous vehicles

Based on an overview of current costs of manufacturing vehicles in the major global auto markets it is analyzed how major trends in each market are likely to affect these costs through time. The…

Laufzeit: 2016–2017

Qualification structures and needs of energy utilities adapting to the German Energiewende

In this research project, we estimates future professional qualification requirements in grid-based utility companies following the energy transition. The project bases on the findings ""Future…

Laufzeit: 2015–2016

Economic opportunities from climate protection

In order to successfully implement climate protection in key areas, such as energy, industry, transport, households, trade / commerce / services, agriculture, forestry and waste management, a wide…

Laufzeit: 2015–2017

Energy transition in Baden-Württemberg – Impacts on value added and employment

Three years after the decisions for the energy transition estimates on goal-achievment of energy policy and their effects on value added and employment are available at the national level. The…

Laufzeit: 2015–2015

Sustainable Economic Development

The aim of this project is to develop a manual for practitioners to guide them in conducting ex-ante impact assessment studies. The manual describes the procedural and analytical steps necessary…

Laufzeit: 2015–2015
Ökonomische Indikatoren des Energiesystems

Macro economic and distributional effects of the German Energiewende

The aim of the energy transition is to transform the energy system into a climate-friendly system and at the same time to phase out nuclear energy while guaranteeing a more secure, economic and…

Laufzeit: 2015–2018

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