Input-Output-Workshop Special 2017

Conference proceedings of the 9th I-O Workshop 2017 Spezial Download


Abstracts und Presentations


Oosterhaven, J.: About modelling supply versus demand shocks: A disaster study Presentation

Richter, J.: The empirical foundation of RIO and MRIO analyses – some critical reflections Presentation

Rueda-Cantuche, J. M.: Towards official European Inter-country Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables: the FIGARO project, its methodological choices and comparison with other similar databases Presentation

Session 1A

Többen, J.: On the simultaneous estimation of physical and monetary commodity flows Abstract

Cai, M.: A cost-effective KRAS-based approach to the construction of MRIO tables under limited data availability Abstract

Grodzicki, M.: Prebisch-Singer effect for global value chains: fragmentation of production, relative prices and international inequalities Presentation

Flegg, T.: Can Formulae based on Location Quotients Yield Adequate Estimates of Regional Output Multipliers? A Study of South Korean Regions Presentation

Session 1B

Emmenegger, J.-F.: Die Rolle des Satzes von Perron-Frobenius in Leontief- und Sraffa-Modellen AbstractPresentation

Wolter, M. I.: Harmonisierung von gesamtwirtschaftlichen und regionalen Input-Output-Modellen Presentation

Köppen, D.: Estimating Aggregation Effects in Multiregional I-O-Models Abstract

Mayer, H.: Internationale Transportleistungen und Bewertungskonzepte in den Input-Output-Tabellen Presentation

Session 2A

Kulionis, V.: A Methodology to Downscale/Allocate Planetary Boundaries: An Example for CO2

Wiebe, K. S.: Combining IO with XLRM for 'what-if' scenario analysis Presentation

Oosterhaven, J.: Decomposing decomposition analysis of Economic Growth Presentation

Session 2B

Wieland, H.: Supply-Extension versus Use-Extension in Environmentally Extended Input-Output Modelling: Analyzing Physical Flows within the Austrian Economy Abstract

Sommer, M.: Multi-regional Comparison of Carbon Footprint Taxation schemes PresentationAbstract

Kronenberg, T.: Nachhaltige Entwicklung in Nordrhein-Westfalen: eine Szenarienanalyse  Presentation

Session 3A

Schwärzler, M.: The Multiregional Health Account for Germany Presentation

Kulionis, V.: Energy embodied in trade, 1970–2009 Abstract

Ferreira, J.-P.: Port wine production – an MRIO value chain analysis 

Vargas, J.-R.: Panama: employment forecast on an input-output framework Abstract, Presentation

Session 3B

Jahn, M.: The spatial effect of changes in regional characteristics PresentationAbstract

Sixta, K. & Safr, K.: Regional Input-Output Tables and Inter-Regional Model for the Czech Republic Abstract

Ferraresi, T.: Tracing the value added in exports of Italy: an integrated multicountry, interregional analysis 

Burmeister, J.: Estimating Trade in a Regional Input-Output Table Abstract

Session 4A

Meyer, M.: Quantitative Assessments of Pathways to a Resource Efficient Europe. Insights from Applications of a Multi Regional Simulation Model Abstract

Wiebe, K.: Material requirements and emission footprints of lowcarbon technology diffusion – combining a dynamic MRIO approach with elements from system dynamics modelling

Kaltenegger, O.: The Effect of Globalisation on Energy Footprints: Untangling the Links of Global Value  Abstract

Stebbings, E.: Input-output models and ecosystem service feedbacks: Estimating the net GVA of economies Presentation

Session 4B

Zubrzycki, K.: Does intramural R&D of business enterprises drive economic growth? Presentation

Kristalova, M.: Impact of EU and Russian sanctions on sectors in EU-27 Abstract

Ulrich, P.: Regionale und multiregionale Nachfrageimpulse in einem InputOutput-basierten Allokationsmodell Abstract


List of Participants

The list of participants can be downloaded here.


The conference programme is available for download here.

Guest Speakers

We are pleased to have won three high-profile guest speakers for the IO-Workshop Special 2017:

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Oosterhaven (University Groningen)
  • Dr. José M. Rueda-Cantuche (European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre)
  • Dr. Josef Richter (University of Innsbruck)


Erweiterungsgebäude (Gebäude 15), Universität Osnabrück, Seminarstraße 20, 49074 Osnabrück, meeting room 105, 113 and 131

Call for Papers

Regional / Multi-Regional Input-Output Analyses (RIO / MRIO) have gained new importance in empirical economic research. Inter- and intra-regional interdependencies are of major interest for many research questions. We welcome contributions in the following exemplary research fields:

    • Analysis of regional structural change
    • Economic impacts of (natural) desasters
    • Regional effects of investment projects
    • Global value chain analysis
    • Compilation of RIO / MRIO tables
    • Empirical foundations of RIO / MRIO analyses

    Further topics related to RIO / MRIO are highly welcome.

    The workshop addresses producers and users of RIO and MRIO tables. The aim is to present and discuss the progress in generating Regional and Multi-Regional Input-Output datasets, in RIO / MRIO-modelling as well as new fields of application of RIO / MRIO analysis.

    The Call for Papers can be downloaded here.

    Important Dates

    • Submission of extended abstract until January 15th, 2017
    • Confirmation of participation and preliminary timeline until February 1st, 2017
    • Registration/payment of workshop contribution until february 28th, 2017
    • Workshop programme March 1st, 2017

    Conference language German and English.

    Workshop contribution: 45 € (with additional 19 % VAT) p.p.

    For questions please refer to Anke Mönnig: Email:; phone: +49 541 40933-210

    Scientific Committee

    The IO workshop is accompanied by a Scientific Committee. Members of the Scientific Committee are:

    • Prof. Dr. Udo Ludwig (IWH)
    • Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer (GWS)
    • Prof. Dr. Utz Reich (University of Applied Sciences Mainz)
    • Prof. Dr. Erik Dietzenbacher (University Groningen)
    • Prof. Dr. Josef Richter (University Innsbruck)
    • Prof. Dr. Reiner Stäglin (DIW)

    Organizing Team

    The IO-Workshop is jointly organised:

    • Anke Mönnig (GWS)
    • Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther (University Bremen)
    • Prof. Dr. Tobias Kronenberg (Bochum University of Applied Sciences)