Florian Bernardt studied economics at the University of Osnabrück and subsequently completed the Master's programme "Applied Economics". In his master thesis "Global Imbalances: an Economic and Empirical Analysis" he dealt with international trade interdependencies.

As a student assistant during his studies, he already supported the areas of "Economics and Social Affairs" and "Energy and Climate". Since December 2016, Mr. Bernardt has been working for GWS in the area of "Economics and Social Affairs". His responsibilities include the empirical investigation of industries and social monitoring. To this end, he is involved in the (further) development of the regional data model "MORE". In addition, he conducts research on labour market issues, interdependencies and the sustainability goals of the UN (SDG).

Research Interests

Business Cycle, Economic Activities and International Trade

Social Indicators and Monitoring

Publications of Florian Bernardt